RED WATTLE HOGS  are on ALBC's  critically endangered  list.  

    They are:

  • Entertaining,  gentle,  friendly, and good-looking

  • Naturally  disease-resistant

  • Exceptional  foragers

  • Seem to be less inclined to root than most breeds

  • Producers of  intensely  flavorful meat

    In 2006 St. Louis chef and culinary activist Julie Ridlon hosted a pork blind-tasting
    that included meat from six heritage hog breeds, including RED WATTLE.  

    Please CLICK HERE to view results of the contest and to see opinions about
    RED WATTLE pork from other chefs, too.

    More about RED WATTLE  Hogs/Pigs:

  • deliver large litters and are protective but tolerant mothers

  • gain weight quickly, as  they are less active than most swine breeds

  • can reach a weight of over 1200 pounds and can be colored
    red or  black or a shade in-between.   

  • are characterized by " wattles,"  fleshy appendages that  hang from their chins

  • make wonderful additions to any hog operation or cross-breeding program
All photos on this website are property of Five Ponds Farm;
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    Please note:  FIVE PONDS FARM does not presently house RED WATTLE HOGS, but our friends Jesse and
    Sally Adams at VIRINDA FARMS do.  Jesse and Sally are our farm mentors and informal partners.  They are
    authorities on the RED WATTLE HOG, having owned some of the originals mentioned below.  (These hog
    pages are property of FIVE PONDS FARM but are maintained for the benefit of Jesse and Sally and others
    interested in the breed.  We at FIVE PONDS FARM hope to have some RED WATTLE HOGS again soon).    

    SOME HISTORY as we understand it:  

    The original Red Waddle Hog was "built" by H.C. Wenglar through years of selectively breeding
    the red, wattled hogs he found in the Texas woods with superb breeding stock from other swine
    breeds.  The hog H.C. designed was one with a particularly "beefy" flavor and a different quality
    of fat.  The hog had exceptional size, gentleness, litter size, and feed conversion rate.  

    We at FIVE PONDS FARM feel that the Red Wattle (notice the difference in spelling) of today is
    not the same calibre of hog that H. C. Wenglar established.  We are, however, grateful that the
    current Red Wattle hog retains some of the wonderful characteristics of the Wenglar originals.    
    The Red Wattle gene pool is very shallow.  We have searched far and wide trying to uncover
    hogs with the original Red Waddle traits.  We continue in this search while providing others
    with the best breeding stock we can.  

    Please contact us if you have knowledge of the whereabouts of very large wattled hogs (the
    original boars were around 1500 pounds).    

    Our hogs are considered purebred Red Wattle and normally come with registration papers.

    Click on the following link to see about

They quickly turn from
hand-helds like this one
to hogs too big to lift
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