As these defects are carried on double- recessive
    genes, they only create problems when a
    carrier male impregnates a carrier female.

    If a NON-carrier bull is used, there is no issue with
    the defects even when using females that are carriers.
    One can breed females sired by a NON-carrier bull
    back to their sire without a potential problem
    with PHA or Chondro.  

    Selecting PHA-free and Chondro-free BULLS,
    therefore, relieves a breeder of concern over
    the PHA and Chondro status
    of their cows and heifers.  

    We at Five Ponds test our bull calves (via Pfizer's lab)
    for PHA and may test heifers if they are not from
    parents that are both tested to be non-carriers.  
    Our stock are Chondrodysplasia-free.   
Dexters thrive in many climates, growing dense fur coats to protect them in winter,
but they also shed out nicely and tolerate our summer heat and humidity well
Lone Pine Farms Klondike, our well-known Dexter herd sire.  He is handsome, intelligent, friendly,
and extremely gentle.  Naturally polled, he measures 45" at the hip, and is dun carrying red.
Klondike sires beautiful, robust calves that compare to the finest  Dexters available anywhere.
Sally finding Heather's itch
(click photo to enlarge it and
see Heather's expression!)
Klondike's last red polled
heifer, our beautiful
5 Ponds LPFK Red Miata
Neener-neener; catch me if you can...
a golden boy plays with his auntie
Tara Cotta
a gorgeous polled heifer
    DEXTERS are sometimes thought of as "miniature cattle" and rightly so,
    as they are naturally about half the size of standard breeds.  That makes
    them of particular interest  to those with family or small farms.  

    DEXTERS have an interesting history and are on the recovering list of the
    American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.  

    IRISH DEXTER CATTLE are triple-duty animals, providing high quality meat,
    an excellent supply of milk, and can serve as oxen as well.

    DEXTERS will eat low-quality forage that many other cattle will not eat.  
    Most  DEXTER heifers and cows calve easily and are good mothers.
    Dexter cows produce a nice milk supply on a grass-only diet.
    DEXTER bulls are gaining popularity for use as sires to cross with other breeds
    of cattle, as they produce small babies that are easy to calve.   
    We enjoy some cross-breeds, too.  
FIVE  PONDS  FARM ,  Thomasville,  Missouri.    
Please call :   417-764-3641   or  e-mail us:   
    DEXTERS  from FIVE PONDS FARM and neighboring VIRINDA FARMS are
    long-legged (Kerry-type, non- Chondrodysplasia).  We keep as closed a herd as
    possible to minimize the possibility of importing disease and other problems.
    Offerings include naturally polled and horned Dexter cattle and Dexter crosses.  
    Our bulls available for sale are usually tested for PHA (see below for more about this).  
    As you may note, we have calves in  a variety of different shades of dun and red,
    as well as black Dexters, some of which  may carry either or both dun and red.   

    Our DEXTERS are "easy-keepers" in that they are raised on pasture (and hay in winter)
    and free-choice minerals including kelp.  Our cattle are NOT generally supplemented
    with other feeds to "beef them up."   They DO, however, enjoy the petting
    and scratching we give them daily to help maintain their pet-like attitudes.   

    Our Dexter cows are very amenable to milking, and we aim for superbly gentle
    temperament and superior udder shape and teat length as well as overall beefy conformation.  
We welcome any and all inquiries about Irish DEXTER Cattle.  

For more  information about this special breed, good sites to visit are:  
American Dexter Cattle Association
and the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America.  

    The use of hormones on the females is often an integral part of today's AI.  
    Because we raise our livestock as naturally as we can, AI is not consistent
    with our program.  Our exceptional bull sires calves naturally, as the Creator intended.
All photos on this website are property of Five Ponds Farm;
use and duplication by permission only.
Our cows
select their
favorite spot
in which to
calve.  We
have not
needed to
intervene or
interfere in the
natural birthing

    Interested in our animals but can't figure out how to get them home?  

We recommend:
    For some terrific milking, cheese, and other supplies,
    see our pal Jerri at

    Be sure to ask her for her easy Chedder/Colby
    recipe -- just mention "Jerri Cheese!"  
PHA (Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca)
and Chondro (Chondrodysplasia)
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FREE DAYLILY with livestock purchase from Five Ponds Farm

    On October 12, 2010, Klondike suffered a broken leg.   
    We are devastated to have had to slaughter this exceptional bull.  
    He will live on here, however, via one of his 630+ descendants,
    his grandson SGF SSEA Bruno (pictured to right). Acquired through
    Dexter expert John "Bull Whisperer" Potter's generosity,
    Bruno is expected to turn out looking much like his grandpa.
    He is polled, dun, PHA-free and Chondrodysplasia-free,
    and as gentle as the day is long.
Carry on the Klondike legend!
(soon there will be no more Klondike calves)
                 Red, Black, lots of shades of Dun -- we have more fun!  
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Our Dexter MOMS:
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Faun's fantastic fur trim
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