Raw (in the grease),
    $12 per pound
Lily (llama) fleece
white with bit of brown
Raw (in the grease),
    $14 per pound
Navajo-Churro sheep and llama fleece for sale:  
FIVE  PONDS  FARM ,  Thomasville,  Missouri.    
Please call :   417-764-3641   or  e-mail us:  
 marian@ fivepondsfarm.com

    The fleeces BELOW were not professionally sheared, and
    include a  lot of "short cuts."  If you just want Churro wool for felting
    or other uses where short fibers are acceptable, these are an
    excellent buy at $4 per pound, raw (in the grease).  
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    Wicked good deals!:  BUY 3 or more pounds of the
    above fleeces and receive a $2 per pound discount!