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    We have discovered the tremendous benefits of RAW and
    especially probiotic-loaded FERMENTED FOODS. For a
    richly important articles and video on healing your body
    with FERMENTED FOODS, click HERE and HERE.

    If you view the article/interview above, and if you're
    anything like us or have a sick loved one, you'll want to
    start FERMENTING FOODS.  We have found an amazing
    tool to help us easily succeed with fermenting:

    Don't want to spend a lot of dough on a fermenting crock?
    Want your ferment done quickly and without a lot of fuss?
    Like to be able to cheaply run several ferments at once?

    CHECK THIS OUT!!! (sorry if this sounds like we're selling
    something we make money on -- we're not!):

    The  PICKLE PRO   is an
    amazing little airlock apparatus
    that fits on a wide-mouth Mason,
    Kerr or Ball canning jar. It does
    basically what a spendy
    fermenting crock does --
    keeps outside air outside,
    and lets the ferment release
    bad air that's inside the jar.
    This keeps the good bacteria growing healthily, so your
    ferment can easily succeed, and often in just a few days.

    Works for us!

    You can buy several PICKLE PROS for way less money
    than just one of the air-lock clay fermenting crocks, so you
    can have numerous ferments going at once (and you can
    use whatever size of wide-mouth jar you want--
    we use quart and half gallon).

    Ok, so you still need to know HOW to FERMENT?  There's
    a great book, published in April, 2012, that is SUPER easy
    to use and has WONDERFUL, easy recipes that produce
    fantastic results.  It's entitled:

    Also, if you visit the link above, you will see a blog
    listed where you can take online

    You can also
    visit this page at
    to find FREE, fantastic CHEESE and other RECIPES.

    ps: many of the fermenting recipes in the
    IDIOT's GUIDE call for raw-milk whey (a product
    of yogurt, kefir or cheese-making).  Instead, you
    can double the salt, but that can be overpowering.
    But a bit of Abiasic B culture, readily available HERE
    is another alternative that kick-starts fermentation.  

    Please note: Five Ponds Farm is under no obligation to
    Homesteader Supply to advertise or promote their
    website or products, but do so simply because we
    believe in these folks and the items they sell.
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