Marian's Miata substitute.  NOT!
E displays his woolen
fashion savvy
It's been a hard nite's day

Sizable softshell and
his slickered snatcher
King of Camoflauge
(flying squirrel
on left half of tree)
Life on the farm is, without a doubt, fun...
Thelma (left) on guard duty while her sister, L.W.E. (Lousy Work Ethic) Louise,
practices smiling for her acting career
Guess who's coming to dinner
M's winter head-warmth ensemble
"I smell hog food, straight ahead . . ."
A skink, I think . . .
Never mind the rules -- that
was for Oregon;  now we're
in Oregon County, Missouri
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Porter, Blue Heeler,
innocent inventor
of many mischiefs
Therese and CC (CrazyCat),
a growing girl
Almost home . . .
"Okay now, everybody,
listen up . . . "
Rozky says, "it's SPRING!"  
Inventor of the zig-
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photo page, click
Thelma the pothead
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Bootleg the dog sheep
and Porter the sheep dog
Dixie's size 38D
entices a milk-her
My how you've grown!:  1-month-old
chicks meet a 1-day-old
Broody Goose protects
her goslings-to-be