PANDORA'S BOX -- 4" blossoms
Delighfully-scented, completely
colorfast flowers hover over vigorous
plants.  Darling yet durable popularity
poll winner.  Does well in pots.   24"
    Five Ponds Farm's  DAYLILIES flourish despite our rocky, clay-laden soil, and the prolonged, killing
    frost we sometimes endure in Spring.  If a boost to the spirits is needed, one only need visit our lily garden!  
    It is nearly impossible to see these awe-inspiring flowers and not come away with a smile!

    The plants are hardy and durable, and insist upon blessing us with a bounty of blooms that have a beauty
    quite beyond description.   We give DAYLILIES our highest recommendation for any garden spot with
    plenty of sun (six hours minimum daily), regardless of soil type.

    DAYLILIES are virtually pest-free and will usually thrive and multiply with a minimum of care.   
    See our GROWING INFORMATION and help in SELECTING VARIETIES for your climate.

    Photos have been selected for their color accuracy.  All DAYLILIES we sell are hardy in at least
    USDA zones 5-10, and some tolerate colder zones.  All those we carry are winners of awards
    and/or popularity polls.  

    Numeric figures at end of individual descriptions are average plant heights.  
BUTTERED POPCORN -- 6" blossoms
Incredibly prolific, eye-popping,
golden-yellow flowers, bloom
period 60-150 days per year.  33"
"All-American Daylily" winner
RED VOLUNTEER -- 7" blossoms
Colorfast flowers, among top
10 in popularity polls, Marian's
personal favorite.
 Makes new
plants on spent scapes!  30"
"All-American Daylily" winner.   
PERSIAN MARKET -- 7" blossoms
Beacon-bright, dazzling color
intensifies in the heat,
blooms 40-150 days per year.  27"
"All-American Daylily" winner
STRUTTER'S BALL  -- 6" blossoms
Incredible velvety rich color makes
this one of the most popular
purples.   Heavy bud count, strong
and sturdy habit.  28"
PAPER BUTTERFLY -- 6" blossoms
Unique flowers are among the
season's first  to burst open; pinkish
petals turn more peach-mauve in
the heat.  Gorgeous re-bloomer.  24"
Unusual double flowers best known
for their incredible scent.  Stocky,  
persistent grower spreads quickly.  
Winner of many awards. 16"
Much-sought-after variety sports sturdy
plants loaded with flowers; repeat
bloomer and multiple
award-winner.  28"
PRAIRIE BLUE EYES -- 5" blossoms
Prolific bloomer and vigorous
grower, highly rust-resistant..  
Quickly becoming a customer
 Makes new plants on
spent scapes (flower stems)!  28"
LITTLE GRAPETTE -- 2" blossoms
Very popular due to its petite size
and high bud count.  Nice dark
green foliage holds up well all
season.  12"
Heavy bloomer with excellent
rebloom.  Took 1st place in 2006  
national lily society popularity poll.
Definitely a head-turner.  26"
ICE CARNIVAL -- 6" blossoms
Fragrant reblooming variety
that shimmers in the sun.  
Crisp and bright even on
the hottest days.   28"  
STELLA DE ORO --  2-3" blossoms
Most popular daylily of all time
because of its long bloom season,
providing color all summer long.    
Compact, rounded foliage.  15"
BLACK-EYED STELLA -- 3" blossoms
Exceptional performance in almost
every climate, blooming from early
summer until frost.  12"
"All-American Daylily" winner.
PARDON ME --  2-3" blossoms
Excellent reblooming makes this
an outstanding miniature.  Long
bloom season promises a
display almost all summer.  18"
STRAWBERRY CANDY -- 4.5" blossoms
Blooms all summer in many climates.
Terrifically popular, rating in the top 10
for many years.  Flowers profusely  and
reblooms.  26"
RUSSIAN RHAPSODY --  6" blossoms
Luscious, almost- irridescent color
lures you to come take a closer
look; holds up well in the heat;
repeat bloomer.  30"
    DAYLILIES pictured above are $6. each for bare root (without soil) plants
                                                              $8. each for established plants in 1-gallon or 8" pots

    DAYLILIES pictured below are  $4. each for Bare-Root (without soil) plants
                                           $6. each for established plants in 1-gallon or 8" pots

    Bare-Root DAYLILIES can be  readily and economically shipped.
    DAYLILIES  purchased from Five Ponds Farmare supplied with fertilizer and planting/growing instructions
Our DAYLILIES almost defy
belief:  They are thriving in
soil so rocky and hard that
we were scarcely able to
dig planting holes!

    If you think they look good enough to eat, you are in good company!  Many folks (including us at Five
    Ponds) have eaten DAYLILY blossoms fried or in salads, although some people report them to be toxic.  
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